The secret to a narrow waistline


What is the secret to a narrow waistline?

The type of muscles you work are extremely important to how your waist looks. If you think crunches will make your stomach look narrower, you’re wrong and you might want to do some research. When you do crunches/sit ups you are preferentially recruiting your superficial muscle groups, such as rectus abdominis (RA). This muscle is your six pack and working it wrong will only push it out, making your waistline look wider. The superficial RA can be visible only when you have a low body fat and have been targeting it with proper exercises. Moreover, its muscle fibres run vertically, up and down your abdominal wall, and not horizontally. Therefore, you must exercise the muscles that act like a corset on your waistline for it to look narrower. These muscles, transversus abdominis, and internal and external obliques, are often ignored.

How can I train these muscles?
These muscles are different than the superficial ones (rectus abdominis). Their fibres are slow twitch and work on load load, slower movements and closed chain positions.Their reaction time is also important. Often times these muscles come in at the wrong time with the wrong force.  This means that if you do fast sit ups and crunches, you will most likely not be recruiting these muscles so much. If you don’t know how to recruit these muscles, try Pilates. Pilates exercises tend to preferentially recruit these corset-type muscles. The secret to a narrow waistline is therefore, the type of muscles you are exercising.

Can Pilates help me achieve a narrower waistline?

Yes. of course diet and lifestyle are very important in achieving your fitness goals. However, even people with a higher body mass index can create a narrower waistline if their deep muscle system is exercised. This is because muscles become shorter and stronger with training, versus long and weak. This includes the ones that wrap around your waist like a corset which are the secret to a narrow waistline.

How can you get started?

Book yourself into our essential Pilates classes and get started today. Many strong gym-goers believe their core muscles are strong until they try Pilates. Often times we see people in our advanced classes who have never done Pilates. It is often a disappointment for them and us. Pilates is a discipline that requires time and effort. Start at the bottom and work your way up. You will get the correct technique and progress faster than trying to jump to the front of the advanced queue.

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