Anatomy Course Online is a requirement for students who do not meet the anatomy prerequisites to enrol in any of our STOTT PILATES® courses. As the course is offered online, students learn on their own time, at their own pace and anywhere. This course will provide you with foundational knowledge in anatomy required to enrol in various health and fitness courses, such as Pilates, massage therapy and more. All you need is access to the internet, a computer or mobile device and the will to learn a new language called “anatomy”.

The anatomy knowledge and information you will gain in this course will enable you to successfully complete any fitness course course and successfully pass its exams.

Course Fee: £250


  1. Access to the anatomy online content
  2. Short videos for every chapter and section explaining the content
  3. Quizzes for every section
  4. Live, scheduled Virtual Zoom sessions with a tutor that will explain through every section (recorded)

    Note: Students who book our Pilates courses receive a 10% discount voucher for this course

This course contains four weekly virtual sessions, containing 5 short manageable chapters. This means that students will need to complete 1 module per week, plus one week of self-review. However, in order to accommodate all learning needs, the Intro to Anatomy course course can be taken at the students own pace. In other words, course participants can start the course at anytime and take as long as they need to complete the material. The only requirement is that students enroll no later than six weeks prior to the course start date in order to complete all modules.

The modules in the Intro to Anatomy course include:

Anatomy Course Online Modules

  1. Anatomical Terminology
  2. Structure and function of the skeleton: bones, joints and muscles
  3. Bony landmarks of the skeleton
  4. Introduction to muscles, their insertions and actions
  5. Exploring regions of the body (respiration, the scapula, the hip, etc). How muscle groups create movement

Virtual Workshops

Virtual Q & A workshops will be offered. These sessions will be scheduled in advance.

Session 1 – Orientation session. Chapter 1 – Anatomical References, Planes and Movements
Session 2 – The structure or bones and muscles. Muscle physiology
Session 3 – The skeleton’s bony landmarks and regional bone anatomy
Session 4 – Respiration and abdominal musculature

Extra virtual sessions can be booked privately.

The course will explain how functional movements are created by muscle contractions and relate movement to the anatomy learned in the modules


Self-assessment quizzes will be provided for each module and section.
Suggested video content to support the covered material

Frequently Asked Questions

• Is there an exam at the end of the Intro to Anatomy course?
No. The self-assessment quizzes serve to test your knowledge

Do I receive a diploma?
Yes. You will receive a diploma after the course

• Is the course recognised by any education body?

No. Anatomy Course Online is meant to provide you sufficient knowledge to be accepted into Pilates, Yoga or Fitness courses

• Can I take more than 6 weeks to learn the material and finish the course?
Yes. You can take months to complete the course, as long as you start the course no less than 6 weeks prior to your Pilates course start date.