Barbara Lanzarini

Fantastic lesson with Carlo . It is unbelievable to see how your body changes in flexibility, strength and mobility thanks to a professional training.  

Professor Sebastian Johnston

Carlo is truly amazing at what he does! His incredible knowledge of anatomy is carefully applied in the program that he chooses for you. My clicking knee is no longer a problem and my shoulder mobility has improved.

Tea Johnston

Carlo pushes you to limits that you are unaware of. He carefully listens to your goals and makes sure, that you achieve them. Following his advice, I started reformer and Barre method. As a result I have no pain in my knee and also look toned!

Jan Cisek

Carlo’s Pilates PT helped me with more mobility, fitness and stress reduction. He’s brilliant at Pilates, mobilisation and articulation techniques and much more. His advice on core strength was invaluable and helped me to reduce my recurrent low back pain and firm my mid section. Also, Carlo helped me with my fascia problem with his tailor-made Pilates exercises.

Rachel K

Thank you so much for being so lovely and welcoming during the 4 weeks of the IMP and IR courses. It has really made the time away from my family so much easier and enjoyable! I’m so pleased I chose Core Windsor for my training and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone!

Sheelagh M

Excellent class. Anna gives detailed corrections and cues while making the class fun. Thanks Anna.

Nawal S

Very pleased with my first session with Carlos. I liked the fact that my issues were taken into consideration and some of the exercises were aimed towards those issues.

Asha W

Bethany has a warm and friendly attitude. She was extremely mindful of my needs and helped out with whatever was needed. She was very attentive to all in the class. I look forward to future classes with Bethany

Fadzi N

Great introductory class. Learnt a lot in the first session and also got a good workout

Barbara L

Beautiful training. Carlo is a fantastic trainer, highly professional and qualified.
Top Studio in London.

Zoha M

Annah is an incredibly experienced instructor! She made sure that I was progressing at my level throughout the class.

Claire M

A different approach taught by Katherine but a great session. A lots of work on abdominal and arms. Felt more in control of my core. Wonderful. Thanks


Amazing Teacher! Loved her attention to good form, whilst having fun with the class. Gentle corrections and understanding of beginners mistakes.Looking forward to more of her classes