Why Become a Pilates Instructor


Pilates instructors are sought after in fitness, rehab, wellness, hospitality and more

  • Enhance your knowledge and expertise
  • Learn new skills that will improve your health, wellness and client base
  • Benefit from mindful movement and teach others
  • Pilates training is suited for fitness enthusiasts and professionals of all levels and backgrounds

The choice is obvious: Driven by the latest research, STOTT PILATES® education is unparalleled in the industry for its thoroughness and quality

Carlo Yanez – STOTT PILATES® instructor

Are you a fitness instructor or an avid Pilates aficionado? Have you ever dreamt of teaching Pilates? 
You are not alone. Pilates instructors are well sought after in the fitness industry. Moreover, Pilates instructors are able to teach remotely quite easily, without the need of gym equipment, a very desirable tool nowadays.

Many schools teach Pilates, but not all education curriculums are created equal. There are quickie Pilates certification programmes that are taught over a weekend, but leave students unable to compete with better educated instructors.

If you ever thought of becoming a Pilates instructor, you must search for the best programme to fit your needs. A comprehensive programme that is based in scientific evidence and that is in line with the highest fitness standards is paramount. Such programme will set you up for years with the knowledge required to teach people of all ages, abilities and even difficult rehab clients.

When I was looking to become a Pilates instructor I looked at various schools and certification programmes. Although STOTT PILATES® seemed expensive at the time, I soon realised why it was worth every penny spent. No other programme seemed to have the quality of information that STOTT PILATES® was offering. Moreover, its anatomically based method was in line with any sports specialist, physiotherapist approaches to exercise rehabilitation. That meant that I was not only learning choreography, but a wealth of scientific knowledge required to work alongside any fitness professional, fitness facility or licensed health care professional. 



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