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Classical or Power Reformer? Classical reformer class levels are determined by the level of command of the technique required for each class. Power reformer is graded by the tolerance in load increase and number of repetitions

We kindly request all new clients to book this level on their first booking. Don’t be fooled by the name ‘Basic“. Be prepared to work hard, as this is not an easy nor an orientation class. (See intro to reformer below for an orientation class)

Classical Reformer Learn the STOTT PILATES® technique and the classical reformer exercises and sequences pioneered by the late Joseph Pilates, with added modern biomechanical principles. Improve your alignment, posture, flexibility, coordination, joint mobility and deep core strength.

Power Reformer Not your traditional Pilates class. This full-body conditioning workout on the reformer aims to make you feel the muscle burn from your first class, take you to fatigue and even sweat. Foundation is still a workout that will build your stamina and strength, endurance and balance, required in more advanced levels.

You cannot train muscles that you cannot connect. So this class will teach you how to connect your deep support muscles voluntarily, which is the key to faster progressions. Learn our basic principles, and proper technique in order to connect the right muscles.

Note: Classical Reformer is completely different from Power Reformer. Therefore, regardless how advanced in Power reformer you are, we strongly recommend all first-time clients to you book “Basic” reformer first when booking Classical Reformer.

Classical Reformer Intro Learn the intermediate level exercises when you clearly understand the STOTT PILATES® basic principles and technique.

Classical Reformer Flow Flow is highly technical and choreographed that follows a set repertoire that must first be learned and commanded. Therefore, we will not be able to stop and teach these exercises in this class. Graded by level of control and technique. Please note that your instructor will turn away participants who have not done the previous levels before.

Power Reformer Addicted to the burn? Turn up the volume with higher intensity, increased resistance, repetitions, longer levers, increased hold times and greater endurance. This level requires a higher fitness level, stamina and strength. We will take you to muscle overload and fatigue and challenge your entire body.

Advanced level is only offered for the Classical Reformer class. This is because the advanced classical reformer repertoire requires extreme mobility, stability control, and strength. Participants are  therefore, expected to possess full command of the intermediate classical repertoire and its transitions. Consequently, we will not stop to teach any intermediate exercises in this class. Instead, we expect everyone to be intimately versed in the repertoire.

Note: This class is Not appropriate for individuals recovering from surgeries or injuries. Most exercises will take you to end range spinal movements, shoulder movements and very few modifications will be given in order to keep the flow of the advanced repertoire.



Our Prenatal Reformer classes are designed for pregnant women 20 weeks and up. At that time we will not be able to accept pregnant participants on our regular classes.
If you’ve given the clear by your GP for exercise, we welcome you into this class.
As per medical guidelines, we exercise safely, take breaks more often, and keep your exertion levels manageable whilst providing you with a great workout while you’re pregnant. Our aim is to help you maintain and improve core strength during your pregnancy, which may help reduce lower back pain, maintain and improve pelvic floor tone. Strengthen your arms, gluteus and shoulders, which are paramount after delivery while breastfeeding and carrying your baby for long periods of time.

Postnatal Pilates – Personal Training Only

Postnatal Pilates personal training sessions are designed for those women who have been cleared by their GP’s to restart exercising. We will carefully guide you through safe exercises that help reconnect the core musculature without jeopardising your ligaments; especially important during the breastfeeding months. The goal here is to build up your strength from the inside out by retraining your deep stabilising muscles and pelvic floor.
Pilates exercise offers an excellent way to return to exercise. After delivery, you will need to get stronger in order to keep up with the demands of lifting your growing baby, breast feeding, and carrying. Pilates exercise focuses is on strengthening your body SAFELY. The emphasis in Pilates is on core stability and strength for the arms, gluteus and legs. Work our way up to your a stronger body.

We are open:

  • Mondays-Thursdays: 6:30am-9:00pm
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  • Saturdays: 9:00am-1:00pm (receptionist on site)
  • Sundays: 9:00am-1:00pm (receptionist on site)
    Note: Phonelines open Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm. Weekends 9am – 2pm
  • For after-hours training we will strive to accommodate any request.
  • Up to 6 participants (Kensington) and 10 participants (Windsor) and 3 participants (Chiswick) per equipment class using top-of-the-line STOTT PILATES® reformers.
  • Rolling contracts are available online.
  • Our dedicated team is comprised of only highly qualified, certified STOTT PILATES® instructors who can deliver true Pilates with sound fitness results.
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