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Reformer Pilates teacher training course (IR)

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£240.00 IR Course Manuals (Package)

£27.50 Matwork & Reformer Support Materials Book

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Required video training materials (online digital or DVD) must be purchased by the students. This provided by Merrithew Connect™ and is not included in the course fee. Please see Merrithew Connect for more details.
Exam Fee: £250. Your exam has to be scheduled within 6 months of the course completion.

To reserve your place, please complete and return the course application form ASAP to education@corepilatesstudios.co.uk Once confirmed, please make the deposit payment immediately to secure your place. (scroll down to bottom for bank/payment details)

A non-refundable deposit payment is required:

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£240.00 for Matwork Course Manual (if required) +
£27.50 for Matwork & Reformer Support Materials Book (if required)

Final payment is due by Monday 14 February 2022 latest

Kick start your Pilates career with STOTT PILATES® Intensive Reformer
Level 3 Diploma – Worldwide Recognised Accreditation

Building on your industry knowledge This course teaches you to design and lead the Level 1 Essential and Intermediate STOTT PILATES Reformer repertoire for personal or group training settings for a range of clients. You will leave with a solid foundation and required skills to develop effective and motivating Pilates Reformer programs. While Intensive Reformer may be taken prior to Intensive Matwork Plus, we recommend completing Intensive Matwork Plus first.

Saulo Overnay teaching at Core Windsor, at 13 Alma Road, Windsor, SL4 3HU

About the course:

The STOTT PILATES Intensive Reformer course will prepare you to teach a broad range of exercises, variations and modifications performed on the Reformer, and how to combine Mat and Reformer based workouts for increased variety and intensity.

Developed by former professional dancer Moira Merrithew, with input from sports medicine professionals, STOTT PILATES® is a contemporary, anatomically-based approach to Joseph Pilates’ original exercise method. Incorporating modern exercise science and rehabilitation principles, it is a safe and highly effective low-impact way to stretch, strengthen and streamline the body.

STOTT PILATES helps to develop optimal strength, flexibility, endurance and posture, without building bulk or stressing joints, which makes it the perfect complement to cardiovascular exercise, athletic training or rehabilitation. The courses are ideal for experienced studio and fitness instructors, personal trainers, sports therapists, physiotherapists and those with a background in dance looking to improve their range of skills and enhance their employability.

What you will learn

  • The STOTT PILATES Five Basic Principles
  • Essential, Intermediate, Power workouts
  • Effective use of the reformer to enhance torso stability and strength, peripheral extremity conditioning, joint stability, flexibility, balance and coordination
  • Effective communication and observational skills
  • Verbal cueing and imagery for performance enhancement and client motivation
  • Theory and practice of postural analysis
  • 139 exercises plus modifications for specific body types, postural issues and conditions
  • How to incorporate resistance equipment to support and intensify exercises
  • Exercise layering related to effective program design
  • Workout composition for personal and group training

  • 50 hours of instruction and supervised teaching
  • Minimum of 10 hours of observation
  • Minimum of 40 hours of physical review
  • Minimum of 25 hours of practice teaching
  • Total: 125 hours

A minimum number of hours of observation, practice teaching and physical review are required for all courses and should be completed between instructed sessions at any STOTT PILATES facility. Additional training may be required before certification. Practice teaching and physical review hours must be logged outside of class time. The practice logs must be submitted on your exam date (either written or practical exam). If the student fails to submit all the logs within 7 days from the last portion of the exam, the entire exam will be void.

Includes watching sessions taught by a STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor or relevant STOTT PILATES videos.

Means physically performing the exercises learned in class. Taking a class with a STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor or working out with video can qualify as physical review hours, and can be completed individually or with other students.

Hours can be fulfilled by instructing family, fellow students, friends or clients.

Note, there are no hours required for Injuries & Special Populations or Advanced Level courses.

INTENSIVE REFORMER DATES: 14- 25 February 2022

14 February10:001 Hour Break 17:00
15 February10:001 Hour Break 17:00
16 February10:001 Hour Break 17:00
17 February10:001 Hour Break 17:00
18 February10:001 Hour Break 17:00
21 February10:001 Hour Break 17:00
22 February10:001 Hour Break 17:00
23 February10:001 Hour Break17:00
24 February10:001 Hour Break17:00
25 February10:001 Hour Break17:00

As seen on Merrithew Connect, Saulo Ouverney is a Merrithew Lead Instructor Trainer. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Physical Education.

As a teenager, Saulo was a gymnast and competed in sports aerobics for eight years. After graduating university he taught fitness classes and private strength training, bringing the mental training he used to have as an athlete to his clients.

In 2006 he was introduced to the Pilates Method and it became his passion. By 2007 he was running his own Pilates studio.

In 2009, he discovered STOTT PILATES®. He decided to leave his job and move to São Paulo to pursue it. In 2013 he became an IT and Merrithew Lead Instructor Trainer in 2017.

Saulo had a great experience living for a year and a half in the Middle East teaching Pilates, GYROTONIC® and Total Barre®. In 2016, Saulo audited many STOTT PILATES courses at the Corporate Training Center in Toronto.

Saulo is passionate about Merrithew programs, biomechanics and exercise physiology. As he continues along his chosen career path, he is always searching for the latest news and innovations to keep himself up-to-date on the latest in mindfulness and fitness.

Saulo Overnay during a Merrithew Connect video shoot

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