Pilates for Core Stability Training


Pilates for Core Stability Training 

Some of the best exercises available for core stability training are Pilates based. Core stability is crucial for functional daily activities. When core stability is lacking, injuries are likely to occur either in the spine, or the extremities. For instance, if you have an unstable lower back, not only the lower back will suffer, but also can your hips, knees and feet. This is because the centre of your structure is supported by the deep core, or abdominal muscles.
Pilates exercise offers a variety of exercise options that promote core stability for enhanced health, rehabilitation and athletic performance.

What is the Core?

Your core ( for short) refers to your inner core unit, not your six pack. The inner core unit is a cylinder-like muscle group around your waist that increases the inner abdominal pressure. This means that it creates a corset around your waist when contracted and therefore stabilising your spine and pelvis. The muscles of the inner core unit are transversus abdominis horizontally, your diaphragm on top, your pelvic floor and multifidus in the back.
core stability training

Can core stability training help back pain?

Yes. In fact, core stability exercises are widely recommended for people with uncomplicated, mechanical lower back pain. You cannot train a muscle that you cannot connect. Therefore, first you learn how to connect  your deep core muscles, such as transversus abdominis, pelvic floor and then retrain them. Retrain your more superficial muscles, for instance your six pack, only after you have learned to connect your deeper ones.

How can I start Core Stability Training?

Book a basic Pilates class or personal training session today at Core Kensington. Starting is easy and painless, and you will get results fast.
Core Kensington offers specialised instruction for spinal and joint rehabilitation and your first appointment is 50%off. We highly recommend clients with injuries to first book a private appointment in order to obtain an assessment and learn the basic core stability training technique.
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