STOTT Pilates reformer teacher training courses
Pilates and Mindfulness

Mindfulness in Pilates Exercise Nowadays almost everyone, football players, celebrities, from rehab clients to aging populations […]

Is Pilates good for low back pain?
Is Pilates good for Low Back Pain?

Is Pilates good for Low Back Pain? When people ask if Pilates is good for low back […]

pilates personal training
Reformer Group Classes or Personal Training Sessions?

What is best, Reformer group classes or Personal Training sessions? The most important thing to consider […]

Stott Pilates reformer teacher training course
Choosing the Right Pilates Class

 Choosing the Best Pilates class? Would you book into an intermediate tango class if you have […]

Pilates Personal Training
How to Choose Your Pilates Personal Trainer

How can I choose the best Pilates Personal Trainer? If you are looking for the best […]

What is Pilates
What is Pilates?

Pilates is a widely accepted and fantastic form of exercise pioneered by the late Joseph Pilates […]

The Benefits of Pilates Classes

Pilates reformer classes can make a difference in your quality of life whether you are a […]

reformer pilates classes
Pilates Exercise For Back Pain

Reformer Pilates for back pain Reformer Pilates can be very beneficial for back pain. However, One […]

Improve your posture
How To Improve Your Posture

Tips on how To Improve Your Posture A head forward posture should give you a clue […]

Pilates Classical Repertoire

What is the Classical Pilates  Repertoire? I often get asked what the difference is between the classical […]

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