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5 Tips to get the Best Pilates Personal Training in London

With so many Pilates studios in London offering Pilates one-on-one training, you must wonder where the Best Pilates Personal Training in London can be found.

The first thing often people go for when they choose a personal trainer is their personality.
If you get on with the instructor, its very likely that you are happy to stick to your training schedule.
No doubt, you must like the style and personality of the instructor. But beyond personality, their credentials, training and experience are equally important. Personality and charm should not compensate for lack of training knowledge and accreditation in a trainer. In order to find the best Pilates personal training in London you might want to consider the following qualities:

What to look for in a prospect Pilates personal trainer

  • Qualifications

Find out where your prospect instructor trained and if whether he/she completed their final examinations. The level of training did the instructor achieve is relevant to their ability to understand the full breath of the Pilates work. Therefore, ask about any specialty training relevant to your needs, such as rehabilitation, pre-post natal, osteoporosis, scoliosis, etc.

The level of training is higher in someone who completed their full certification versus someone who only finished the reformer course. Thus, if you are only planning on working on the reformer, you might be happy with the latter instructor.
I strongly believe that in order to really get the greater picture of the repertoire, an instructor needs to have trained in all pieces of equipment and all levels. This includes having done their the advanced training. As a result, only then one can truly understand the scope of the complete Pilates work and thus, find  the best Pilates personal training in London

  • Education Body

Certification programs vary from institution to institution. Nowadays anyone can obtain ‘quicky’ in-house qualification from a Pilates studio and teach Pilates. However, this doesn’t mean that the programme is worldwide accepted or recognised by exercise accreditation bodies, as REPS.
Look for instructors that have graduated from prestigious worldwide-recognised institutions. For instance, STOTT PILATES®, Body Balance, BASI or the very classical New York methods are some of the most recognised.
Contemporary method STOTT PILATES® is based on modern principles of exercise science and rehabilitation, making it safer and available to people of all levels and abilities.

  • Experience

Experience plays a major role when it comes to delivering the best Pilates instruction. Nevertheless, experience is not everything. An experienced instructor will have an experienced eye for precision and will have been working with different bodies for many years. In contrast, newly qualified instructors are eager to deliver with passion their newly acquired knowledge. That is to say that they have done their homework, possess a true talent and passion for Pilates and have a drive to teach.
Some freshly qualified instructors who keep learning and absorbing information and are able to deliver good training.

On the other hand, some seasoned instructors stop learning or never complete their full training. In this case, their teaching can become stale and outdated. There are also those instructors who have been teaching for years but who actually never completed their certification exams or maintained their professional development and continuing education credits.
Consequently, its important to find an experienced, fully certified instructor who continues to learn and keeps up to date with their continuing education. Only then you can assure to obtain the best Pilates personal training in London.

  • Equipment Quality

You will need to train on All the Pilates apparatuses in order to get the full breath of the Pilates work . Your top choice one-on-one Pilates instructor should be fully qualified in all pieces of equipment. These are the Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrels. Interestingly, the reformer is not the only Pilates piece of equipment. One must really train on all the pieces of equipment to really understand Pilates method. The best Pilates personal training in London will be with an instructor who is qualified in all levels, in pieces of equipment and can deliver personalised modifications for you.
Train with the best quality equipment, such as STOTT PILATES® exceptional equipment.

  • Instructor’s Personality

You must like your personal trainer, relate to him/her and be able to have a laugh. His/her personality will determine whether you stick around for more training or not. Your best Pilates personal training in London should be client focused.

Best Pilates personal Training in London

At Core Kensington our dedicated team is comprised of only fully qualified, certified STOTT PILATES® instructors who can deliver premium Pilates exercise with sound fitness results striving to always be the best Pilates personal training in London. We strive to find instructors that care, that possess that personal touch and personality that endures.

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