Reformer Group Classes or Personal Training Sessions?


What is best, Reformer group classes or Personal Training sessions?

The most important thing to consider when choosing group classes vs personal training sessions is your budget and your time.
While personal training sessions can be expensive, each workout is tailored for your own needs. Also, you can train on your own schedule without having to rely on when classes are offered or full, plus you can use all the equipment in the house. However, it is important to consider that not everyone can afford to pay for this type of training. Therefore, group classes are a great alternative to one-on-one sessions

Consider this before you decide:

  • Pilates group classes on equipment use only the Pilates reformer, whereas during personal training sessions you get to use all the equipment (the Reformer, Chair, Tower, Mat, barrels). In contrast, group classes are always fun, as you get to see how others perform around you and evaluate your level in comparison to others.
  • Choose smaller Pilates reformer group classes. Large group classes can be challenging for the instructor to keep up with everyone and as a class participants you may end up not getting the attention needed. Also, you may be doing an exercise wrong and the instructor may be busy with other participants and may not get to you on time for a correction. Contrary to large group classes, small-group training environment foster a sense of social belonging.  “In addition to motivation and efficacy, they may be helpful for successful adherence to an exercise program” (Wayment & McDonald 2017).
  • One-on-one sessions can be expensive, but worth the money if you find the right instructor. Also, you can train on your own time and customise your training schedule.
  • Get faster progressions and exercises tailored made for you with personal training sessions. If you need to work on something in particular, one-on-one sessions might be better for you.
  • Special needs can be better addressed on personal training sessions.
  • Try to buy a combo package that allows you to try both group classes and some one-on-one sessions. .

Get More for Your Money 

  • If you are new to Pilates and have never stepped on a Pilates reformer, you might want to consider a one-on-one session before you join a class. Core Kensington offers The Combo Package – 3 group classes and 1 PT session. This package is designed for those individuals who wish to try a bit of both worlds. Getting undivided attention in a personal training session first off will allow you to get much more when you book your first class. By doing so, you learn how to use the equipment and learn the proper technique ahead of your first class.  Learn the basic principles that are used in our classes beforehand. This way when you go to your first class you are prepared and will get a lot more for your money.
  • Show up on time for your session. Arriving to a class 15 minutes late means that you miss the warm up and possibly the initial exercises. In a group class this is disrespectful to the other participants and instructor. Show up on time in mind and body and you will progress swiftly.

Choosing the right class level is crucial

  • Starting from the beginning is crucial. Avoid jumping into a more advanced class if you have never done this type of training. Learn the proper technique correctly. Pilates, like many disciplines, require time to master the technique, learn the repertoire and perform it correctly. No matter how fit and sporty you are, Pilates exercise is unique and different from other disciplines. Often times people book into an intermediate class even when they have never been on a reformer before. The problem with this is that they’re likely to not get a proper workout at all. This results from the inability to understand the technique or keep up with the choreography. Thus, poorly executed technique equals to not getting the best workout. It takes time to learn Karate, Tango, Ballet, Yoga and likewise Pilates.

Unable to afford ongoing Personal Training Sessions? No problem!

If you are not able to buy ongoing personal training sessions, definitely book into small group classes. However, every so often try to book a one-on-one session to assess your performance and address any issues you may have.

Book small Pilates reformer group classes on our website or download our app.
Core Chiswick offers ultra small group classes with only 3 class participants per session. These are called semi-privates.
Core Kensington offers small group classes with 6 class participants per session.

Book an Intro Offer at £35 for 2 classes and get 1 optional Free Intro to the Reformer 30 minute session!


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