How Injury Rehabilitation with Pilates Exercise can help

Read this incredible story of a double amputee who finds the power of STOTT PILATES® exercise for his rehabilitation. His dedication and commitment in practising Pilates 3 times/week is positively helping him overcome his physical limitations.

Furthermore, having found injury rehabilitation with STOTT PILATES® exercises has helped him take his first step on his long prosthetic legs. Watch how he takes many more steps along the way in this exciting blog (more…)

Traditional Pilates or dynamic reformer classes?

Both Pilates styles are great. It all depends on what you’re trying to achieve. For instance, take classical ballet vs fitness Ballet Barre, or Iyengar yoga vs Power yoga. Which one is better?

Let’s take the first example. While ballet is a long-established discipline with set choreography that takes time and skill to master, a fitness Ballet Barre instead, incorporates ballet inspired moves with fitness, strength and cardio . Although both are similar in movement, they are different with completely different aims and approaches. Furthermore, they both require concentration and control.