Never underestimate the power of Pilates

The power of Pilates is recognised worldwide regardless of your age, gender or level of activity. Pilates exercises work your entire body and focus on your core muscles. The benefits of Pilates exercise are widely accepted, especially among medical professionals. Moreover, Plates exercise compliments any other sports activity and/or gym training you do. This is how. (more…)

Is Pilates good for Low Back Pain?

When people ask if Pilates is good for low back pain my answer is a resounding YES.
However, there are many important variables to consider. To clarify, not ALL Pilates exercises are great for all back pain sufferers because not all low back pain originates from the same structures. Therefore, your choice of Pilates exercises will depend on specific individual variants. Find our more… (more…)

Neck Pain Pilates Exercises

An increasing number of people are experiencing neck pain at younger ages. The use of smartphones, tablets and computers has our generation hunched over, especially young people. Basically look around on the street, in restaurants, on the buses or trains. Without a doubt, from children to adults, the percentage of people leaned over their phones with their head forwards is astonishing. (more…)