Top Pilates reformer classes Notting Hill Gate


Top Pilates reformer classes Notting Hill Gate
Top Pilates reformer classes Notting Hill/ Bayswater/Queensway area. Quality Pilates classes can make a big difference in your Pilates training. Our top Pilates reformer classes have knowledgable instructors that understand anatomy and accepted practices in sports science.

What do we mean by top Pilates classes?
Top quality equipment paired with top quality instruction is the key. Our instructors are all certified STOTT Pilates, and our equipment is of the highest caliber. The difference is enormous. Our method is an anatomically based contemporary approach the the classical method, pioneered by the late Joseph Pilates.  This method has evolved and and incorporates evidence-based knowledge of sports science, kinesiology and modern bio mechanical principles whilst preserving the classical repertoire.

Exclusive location for Notting Hill Gate residents 
We are proud to offer very small group classes that feel like semi-private sessions – easily accessible from Notting Hill Gate. With no more than 4 participants per class, our quaint, hidden location is a boutique exclusive environment; clean, beautiful, warm and friendly. Yet we are located in the Bayswater/Queensway area.

Attention to detail for a discerning clientele 
At Core Kensington we are proud to observe the smallest detail, such as being hands on with our clients during their classes. We do not like to let you get away with bad habits, we like to give out corrections with detail so that you can progress. Some studios prefer to just call out a class without really seeing what the client is doing. We prefer to stay on top of our clients and encourage them to perfect their technique.

We like to offer some niceties such as: Fresh flowers in the ladies room and luxury products, complimentary towels and cold and room temperature Evian water bottles for our one-on-one clients and available for purchase for our group class participants. Complimentary Core Kensington high-quality non-slip branded socks with the purchase of a personal training block of 10 or more. Our personalised app where you can easily book, reschedule or cancel appointments and group classes.

Its the small things that count in life. Come and see for yourself our Top Pilates reformer classes Notting Hill/Bayswater/Queensway area.

Top Pilates reformer classes Notting Hill Gate

Top Pilates reformer classes Notting Hill Gate

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