The Benefits of Pilates Personal Training


The Benefits of Pilates Personal Training

Why choose Pilates personal training versus group classes?

If you think you are struggling to improve in your current Pilates group classes it might be time to get some one-on-one sessions to improve your game. The Benefits of Pilates Personal Training are numerous.

  • Working with a personal trainer can help you with your technique, and therefore help you get the most of your classes
  • Proper instruction. A personal trainer can help motivating you to achieve and bring out the best in your technique, in other words proper way to perform the exercises.
  • Goal achievement: One-on-one sessions can help you focus on your fitness goals. You may have an idea of your fitness goals, but a personal trainer can help you implement them in a way that is S.M.A.R.T = Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and within a time frame.
  • Personalised attention means that you can work on elements suited to your own body. Your instructor knows your physical condition and can tailor your workouts specifically to your needs.
  • Accountability: Greater commitment if you have a scheduled personal training session. If you are booking into classes, you may skip a session or two. Working with a personal trainer you will think twice before skipping sessions, as he/she will keep you accountable, which in turn will make you more likely to stick to your exercise programme.
  • Variety: Your Pilates personal trainer will be more likely to use different pieces of equipment non-available to group classes, such as the stability chair, the barrels and the Cadillac tower providing your session with a greater variety of tools and helping you to prevent getting bored.
  • All of the above can help increase your efficiency. Therefore, the benefits of pilates personal training can be multiple and significant.

If you are thinking of stepping up your game, book a personal training session today. You will soon see the benefits of Pilates personal training in your body.

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