Pilates for Weight Loss


Pilates for Weight Loss 

How can Pilates help you loose weight?
Many people don’t understand how Pilates for Weight Loss is possible. Pilates is like any discipline. Initially, you must learn the technique. Once you have mastered the essential repertoire, you can actually move onto a flow workout. This is because the advanced Pilates method can be quite complex, intense and more choreographed. In fact, this method was created for athletes and dancers, so that should give you a better idea of what to expect.

Once you move up to the intermediate levels, Pilates can actually help you shed some unwanted weight, as the repertoire is meant to flow and allow you to actually sweat. It becomes an interval training workout once you get more advanced. That is how it was created, and that is what we like to see with our clients.

How long does it take?

This will not happen overnight.Like with any other discipline, you get what you put into it.  However, the long term results of Pilates are profound. This form of exercise will help you tone your waistline, bottom, arms, and build long, lean muscles, rather than a muscly bulky physique.

How do we know this?

How does Pilates exercises impact body composition?

“Current research has demonstrated that regular participation in a physical exercise program is likely to induce positive changes in the BC profile (e.g., reduced percentage body fat, increased lean body mass). The magnitude of these changes is mediated, among others, by the exercise volume performed (i.e., frequency, intensity, duration)” Aladro-Gonzalvo et al, (2011)
This also applies to Pilates exercises!

Pilates himself designed a comprehensive method of muscle strengthening and stretching with the aim of building a strong body.  His philosophy was based on a mind-over-body control.
Of course many factors can influence body composition: genetics, behaviour, tobacco and alcohol consumption, etc.  However, generally speaking, Pilates exercises have been known to provide benefits in physiological (e.g., resistance, strength, muscle power), psychological (e.g., mood, attention, motivation), and motor functions (balance, static and dynamic posture, general coordination). A review by Bernardo and Nagle (2006), demonstrated the effectiveness of Pilates exercises on strength and body alignment in dancers and gymnasts. (Aladro-Gonzalvo et al. 2012)

Which classes are more appropriate Pilates for weight loss?

The key ingredients for weight loss are: Frequency, Intensity and Duration.
Our Intermediate/Advanced Reformer, Dynamic Reformer and Cardio Tramp classes are the perfect combination of intensity and duration. It’s up to you how frequently you are willing to participate in order to get the results you need.
These Pilates for weight loss classes provide sufficient stimuli and optimal exercise intensity can be reached if performed correctly.

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Aladro-Gonzalvo, A.R. et al., 2012. The effect of Pilates exercises on body composition: A systematic review. Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies, 16(1), pp.109–114.

Blog written by Carlo Yanez for Core Kensington LTD.