Pilates for Jet lag


Pilates for Jet lag

If you are like myself, a very frequent traveller, you know very well the effects of jet lag, or desyncronosis, as its referred to in medical terms. Altering the body’s circadian rhythm gives your body a shock so the body then takes energy and resources to remedy the situation. If you are flying for longer flights to go to a meeting or event you will find this reduces your mental capacity, you are tired and unfocused. This can also make you unable to sleep when you should, even when you are tired. What most people don’t know is that you don’t need to have flown 8-10 hour plus to feel this effect, even smaller flights within Europe can put you off your game.

Everybody reacts differently to jet lag and there are likely numerous recommendations to help counteract its effects. Some go for a run, some take medication and others just let the body handle it.
I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time to wait around so I prefer to do Pilates for jet lag recovery.

Why is Pilates is my personal choice for overcoming jet lag?

I personally prefer to avoid sleeping aids or medical remedies for jet lag. As a very frequent traveller I would need to take them constantly. I, however, recommend LIGHT activity to get the body going and this is where Pilates I find Pilates exercise beneficial. You don’t require much equipment to practice Pilates; a Pilates mat, your favourite music, a bottle of water.

How to start?

if you already know a bit of Pilates, begin with a light warm up (I love the cat stretches), do your mobility exercises and drink ample of water, then add some more water on top of that.
Otherwise, I recommend you go to a few classes and get to know the repertoire in order to prepare yourself to do this on your own. Core Kensington offers small classes that feel like semi-private. www.corekensington.com
Create your own program. Talk to the instructors at Core Kensington and they can help you. The beauty of doing Pilates for jet lag is that you can do this in the hotel gym or even just the hotel room. You might want to find a Pilates studio in the area of your travels. Book onto their essential classes, even if you consider yourself intermediate or advanced. The aim of this is to refresh your body and mind, not for a sweaty workout; then go back to your hotel room and have a refreshing shower.

What next?

This is my favourite part; afterwards go have a healthy breakfast, lunch or the meal of choice. Go easy on the coffee, (I usually allow for a coffee stop a few hours later). This routine works for me and for many professional travellers I know.
Last time I put this routine into practice was at the waterfront in sunny San Diego, California. It got me fresh and ready for the day!

Want some more ideas?

If you want to have a look at my post flight Pilates for jet lag programme, drop me a line at egil@corekensington.com

Blog written by Egil hagen for Core Kensington