Pilates Easter Kensington classes


Pilates Easter Kensington classes

Don’t change a good habit just because its Easter 

Offering  3 Group classes for only £60!

Are we open for Easter?
YES! … We are open on Easter Good Friday and Saturday.  We are closed on Monday 28th.
We  reopen again on Tuesday 29th ongoing, running a regular timetable all week.

What classes are we running?
Choose from a variety of Pilates Easter Kensington classes: Matwork + Reformer, Reformer Essential Repertoire, Reformer Intermediate, and Intermediate Advanced, Cardio Tramp, Barre/Reformer combo and more.
We also offer Pre and post natal Pilates where we combine floor work with Reformer Pilates, and also offer weekly Pilates for the older adult. Please note that these two classes will not be running over our Pilates Easter Kensington classes timetable.

What if you are new to Pilates?
If you have never done reformer Pilates this may be the perfect time to try it. We offer a Free Intro to Pilates 30 minute class followed by and Essential repertoire. Get to know the reformer,our method and be on your way to a better and happier body that feels and looks amazing.

Where are we located?
We are discretely located inside Champions estate agents. Just ring the bell in the agency glass doors. Your instructor will come up and let you in. You will have to walk through the estate agent’s office to find our door. Our garden basement location is very nicely appointed with a lovely garden, and ladies, a gents lavatory.

What do I need for my class?
You will need socks. We do not allow bare foot on the reformer straps, as we use those straps for arm work. Its just a sanitary requirement that benefits all our clients. If you forget your socks do not worry. We offer our own branded Core Kensington, high quality cotton, non-slip socks for purchase at £8.
We also offer complimentary Virgin Pure filtered water if you would like to refill your water bottle.
If you do not have a water bottle, cold and room temperature 500ml Evian water is available for purchase at £1. Just ask your instructor.

We look forward to seeing you this Easter for Pilates Easter Kensington classes.

This holiday treat yourself to some Pilates Easter Kensington classes.

BOOK NOW online www.corekensington.com
or contact us on 02078541934 for an assessment

Pilates Easter Kensington classes

Pilates Easter Kensington classes