Pilates classes for the older adult


Pilates classes for the older adult    (On request)
“You are only as old as your spine is” Joseph Pilates. Wellness iso about you keeping a god time in life, in body and mind. Our musculoskeletal system is the primary machinery of life. It moves us around. We now offer Pilates classes for the older adult in Kensington London. Stay active and move around better. Movement is life. So if our musculoskeletal system is not up to speed, working well, we end up with reduced range of motion, pain and dysfunction. Not only our muscled and joints can end up in dysfunction, but because all our systems are interconnected, our entire system relies on movement to function. Think about the pump that the muscles in our calves provide to the blood and lymphatic system in our bodies. If that doesn’t work properly, without that movement, our bodies become stagnant and undergo strain. As we age, our spines stiffen and loose the ability to move. You can always increase your movement. You are never too late.

How can Pilates help?
Pilates can help keep your body frame working well. Practicing regular Pilates exercises for wellness can be greatly beneficial to keeping a balanced musculoskeletal system, especially in the later years of your life. Combining Pilates exercises for the older adult with a balanced diet can help  maintain bone density, increase mobility and therefore allow you to move around better.

Pilates encourages mindful movement
Pilates for the older adult exercises incorporates specific breath patterns to help connect the mind with the body, increasing focus on simple and complex movement patterns. This mindfulness aims to improve your body awareness, proprioception, concentration and control. The exercises are also designed to help re balance the muscles around your joints with the aim of preventing damage from aging and restoring the natural movement in your body.

Prevention is key
Nobody wants to live a restricted life due to lack of mobility and pain. If you suffer from uncomplicated mechanical joint pain, Pilates may help you prevent further injury. This is because the exercises are aimed at keeping muscle length and strength balanced, stretched, restoring the natural curvatures of the spine and keeping the pelvis and peripheral joints in the right place, which can help reduce strain. We are now offering weekly Pilates classes for the older adult in Kensington London

In this class, our team of specialists can deliver a safe class for those clients who require modifications to suit their needs.

Pilates classes for the older adult Kensington London

Pilates classes for the older adult Kensington London

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