Pilates classes for men


Pilates classes for men

Is Pilates helpful for men?


People ask me this question all the time, to which I respond with a resounding YES!

Pilates has never been just for women. Although it is very popular amongst females, Joseph Pilates was after all a man and a very manly man to boot. Mr Pilates was a body builder, gymnast, boxer and circus performer who dedicated his life to improving his health after suffering with rickets and asthma as a child.

MrPilates believed that a modern lifestyle brought with it bad posture and breathing patterns and developed a series of conditioning exercises to counteract the affects of this detrimental lifestyle. The very first practitioners of his technique were male athletes, boxers and soldiers.

What does Pilates do for men?

Pilates addresses common problems that many men have including short and tight muscles, including hip flexors and hamstrings.

Also, most men bear a weak core and imbalances in relationship back-to-chest musculature, which causes that Quasimodo hunched shoulder. Not a good look guys!

This workout is very challenging that will target muscles you never knew you had! It improves alignment, posture and balance, focusing on toning muscles and bringing greater flexibility to joints. In turn, greater range of movement and ease.

How is this different from my gym workouts? 

Pilates is the most comprehensive workout. The work concentrates on lengthening and strengthening all the supporting muscles in your body, especially the ones that support your larger muscles. Thus, rather than targeting large muscles, Pilates targets your strength from the inside out, a contrasting concept from weight lifting programmes.

Can Pilates help my  back pain?

Yes it can, especially when it comes to mechanical back pain. Furthermore, the exercises will help improve your posture and strengthen your core musculature.
Moreover, evidence shows that a group exercise programme for people with a specific episode or flare-up of low back pain with or without sciatica is recommended.

Who does Pilates for men?
Many familiar sportsmen practice Pilates to keep supple and to avoid injury. The New Zealand All Blacks practise Pilates, along with Tiger Woods, James Milner and Andrew Flintoff.

The Navy Seals also use it as part of their hard-core regime as do numerous male celebrities such as Hugh Grant and Rod Stewart.

So if you wonder if Pilates helpful for men or you think you could benefit from some Pilates, sign up for your FREE intro group class  session today, or book yourself a 50%OFF first personal training session.

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