Getting to know the Pilates reformer equipment


Getting to know the Pilates reformer equipment

Starting Pilates training can be daunting, especially seeing the Pilates reformer for the first time. People often comment it looks similar to torture apparatus or even S&M machines!


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The Pilates Reformer 

The Pilates Reformer is probably the most famous piece of Joseph Pilates equipment.
It is essentially a bed-like frame with a padded flat platform that you lay on. This moves forwards and backwards and is connected to a set of weighted springs to work against you with resistance to build your own strength.
It may seem rather complicated when you first begin, but believe me, it is extremely versatile. In addition, literally 100’s of exercises can be performed on it laying down, standing up and kneeling.
The Reformer works the whole body including your legs, arms, back and stomach. What is more, it is an excellent tool to build strength, flexibility and posture

Pilates chair


The Pilates Chair 

The Chair is similar looking to a bench but with springs attached to a hinge and a pedal. It works by pushing your weight on the pedals while either standing, kneeling or sitting either on the floor or on it’s platform.
Furthermore, the Pilates Chair gives an intensive workout, and it’s gaining popularity and attention in gyms and studios.

piates magic circle 

The Pilates Magic Circle

Legend has it that Joseph Pilates got the idea for the Pilates Circle after playing around with the steel ring on a cognac keg!
It is a circular metal piece of equipment with two cushioned handles on either side. It is used to tone the inner thighs and legs and also the chest and arms. 
Therefore, it is fantastic for strength and flexibility and assists in the activation and isolation of different muscle groups. Moreover, it is also a lot of fun, light weight and easy to carry, unique the Pilates reformer.

 Pilates arc barrelspine corrector


The Pilates Arc Barrel and Spine Corrector

The half moon shape of this piece of equipment lends itself well for adapting some of the mat work repertoire to either aid or challenge the client. It challenges the body through different planes of movement and can be used with many, many exercises to tone and strengthen.

Pilates ladder Barrel

Pilates Ladder Barrel

The ladder barrel is the heaviest barrel in the lot, which includes a ladder attached to the base of it. This piece allows for more challenging exercises as the base of support is smaller when used in combination with the ladder. As a result, one must support one’s weight and increase the balance of the body over the sharp apex. Lastly, you use your own body weight rather than springs, as in the Pilates reformer.

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