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Keep your Body Feeling Young with Pilates reformer Classes!

As we age, the joints and muscles in our bodies must maintain their strength and flexibility in order to continue to feel young and avoid becoming stiff. In other words, being unable to perform functional daily activities such as gardening, playing golf, or simply moving around can become debilitating. Pilates offers a full body strengthening workout without placing too much stresses in your joints and without adding muscle bulk. So, keep your spine moving and improve your core strength, making you feel young again.

Remember, “You are only as old and your spine is” Joseph Pilates. Reformer pilates classes offer a unique workout that promotes mindful movement. Move through the exercises with precise control without holding positions or working against a timer. Meanwhile, your body will feel amazing after just one session.

What do we teach in Pilates Reformer Classes?

We teach the very challenging Pilates classical repertoire with a contemporary approach. We call it “Intelligent Pilates” because you must focus, think and use your mind to connect with your body. As a result of using your brain while exercising, you may slow the ageing process.

Intelligent Pilates

Following the death of Joseph Pilates in 1967 and after realising the benefits fo the method, STOTT PILATES put together a team of specialists. Firstly, the team comprised medical and sports specialists who dissected and reconnected the original Pilates method. Their work incorporated modern knowledge in sports science, rehabilitation and athletic performance into the Pilates method. Secondly, while preserving the original Pilates exercises a more updated method came about.
Moreover, our modern method is centred on optimal spinal and joint mobility and stability, enabling people to stay and feel young as they age.

Core Kensington, located at 375 Kensington High Street offers contemporary Pilates reformer classes including Back Care Pilates. Our lovely new studio is just a quick 10 minute walk from High Street Kensington tube station in London.

Feel Young again and improve your core strength

While we don’t offer the ever-popular dynamic Pilates, our classes are rather based in the classical Pilates repertoire. This means that the exercises are from the original Pilates repertoire. These exercises are adaptable to all ages, body types and abilities. In contrast, we are not here just to make you sweat, you may well sweat, once you reach the intermediate levels. Over and above, our goal is to strengthen your body in a way you can only achieve with the classical repertoire.

Improve your core strength from the inside out, improve your posture, become aware of your movement and movement quality and feel young again. Above all, our technique will strengthen your core muscles and shoulder stabilisers and teach you how to avoid neck and shoulder tension as you workout. As a result, all the joints in your body will feel stronger after you strengthen your joint stabilisers with our specialised Pilates equipment. Your body will feel young and different immediately.


Move Again like a 21 year-old!

No Age requirement

Our pilates reformer classes are appropriate for people of all ages and abilities. In addition, we can modify exercises for those participants with back issues, joint injuries. We train people with special needs such as osteoporosis care, ante and post natal and various conditions.

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Book online on our app, including, cancelling, rescheduling on the app on the go. This way, you can save time with our easy booking tools and be on your way to a younger you.

Where are we located?

Our Top Pilates classes  375 Kensington High Street, Bridgeman House. W148AZ, London

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