Core Kensington Pilates Studio Relocates


Core Kensington Pilates Studio Relocates
We are on the move! Core Kensington’s Notting Hill location will be relocating. We have had a great 2.5 years, grown leaps and bounds and it’s all because of you, our great clients. Our last trading day at 110 Kensington Church Street will be Friday 24th of February. Thereafter, we will be offering the same fantastic group classes at a near location within walking distance. We will announce this location next week. 
Core Kensington Pilates studio Relocates. The new location is to be announced on Monday the 13th of February. We will be relocating within walking distance of our existing space, so you will be able to continue coming to us as usual.

Train for £15 during the month of February
We are offering you half price for a last change to train with us. Get as many classes in as you wish this month.

We understand and appreciate that many of you are our loyal clients and will now have to find alternative options for Pilates training, and we are sincerely sorry for that. We will be back soon with new great products, classes and better facilities!

Please use all your already purchased classes during February. Any outstanding group class packages will be refunded after the 24th of February. After today we will no longer offer large group class packages. We will instead offer single sessions at a 50%OFF so that you can enjoy our great classes up until we have to say “goodbye for now”.

For those of you who will be looking for a new studio, here are a few points to keep in mind so you get a great and safe Pilates session;

  • Make sure your new trainers are certified
    A certified trainer will be more than happy to share his/hers certification as it is a result of much hard work. A good location will have them displayed of the wall.
  • Make sure your new location is insured
    It’s a requirement to display this insurance certification.
  • Most importantly: Have Fun!
    Enjoy your workouts and make sure you get the right workout for you!

We will leave you with this greeting:

We will see you again soon and thank you for training with us at Core Kensington.

The Last Train Sale!

– 50% off all group classes during February –