Ante and Post Natal Pilates at Core Kensington


 Why Pilates while you’re pregnant?

Pregnancy is often associated with a number of musculo-skeletal problems. It is very important to get the right information to all mothers-to-be as and advice on exercise safety  during pregnancy. Particularly when it comes to pelvic floor exercises.
There is not much that can be done to modify the inevitable physiological and hormonal changes of pregnancy. However, by strengthening the core stabilising muscles around the pelvis and spine and maintaining mobility in the mid back, hips and ankles, we can prepare the mother for after delivery.
Improving breathing is important in order to optimise the body for the challenges it may face. The growth of the baby in the placenta pressing on the diaphragm may restrict optimal oxygenation to the lungs. So in order to prevent shallow breathing, learning good early breathing techniques can help the mother during pregnancy and delivery.

What is Pilates for Pregnancy

Pilates is based on the principle that a central core is developed and then movements are introduced to challenge this core stability. This philosophy is clearly applicable in pregnancy, a challenge both mentally and physically on the mother’s body.
By improving the mother’s core stability before and during pregnancy, it should be possible to limit any potential harm to the joints and stimulate the body safely. Returning to exercise soon after the birth is easier if the mother has undergone core training and is important for the mother’s physical and mental well being.
A mother looks after her baby’s body for nine months, but who cares for hers ?
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